Saturday 06/12/2014

presented by #temporarycustodians


Josephine Callaghan

Susanna Davies-Crook

Gery Georgieva 


Plus guests: Live set by Vera Modena & Patchfinder, performance by New Noveta, VJ/DJ set by The Mycological Twist, and installation by Joey Holder.

APOPHENIA is an invitation to join a ‘co-working archipelago’ - an ecological growth of creative and industrial islands, within an 8,000sqft warehouse in Salford. The launch on the 6th December includes a series of performances by artists in residence alongside guest artists, reflecting on independence and nomadism resulting from a crisis in resource management. 

#temporarycustodians is an R&D platform asking how the shift towards the share economy and p2p might provide an alternative to historical modes of collecting. If you would like to join the project by setting up an island in the 8,000 sqft warehouse - for storage, parking, building usage please get in touch at temporarycustodians@lycos.com



Regents Trading Estate, behind Islington Mill, James Street, M3 5HW, City of Salford

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